Governor contract: proposal threshold clarification

Hi - I'm doing some preliminary testing of a Governor contract using a Tally front end and I've got an account who is holding some of our ERC20 tokens but less than the ProposalThreshold. I delegated these votes to the account itself and then voted on a proposal. The transaction went thru ok & it's showing that the account voted, but it's displaying (in Tally) my vote as having 0 voting power. My question is, shouldn't this account have some voting power, albeit only a little? I mean, it's called a "Proposal Threshold", not a "Vote and Proposal Threshold". Shouldn't these small account holders still be allowed to have their votes count for something? Or have I set something up incorrectly or I'm misunderstanding what I'm seeing?

I suspect that you delegated the votes after the proposal voting period had started. You need to delegate and set up voting power before the voting period starts.

Ah... interesting. I don't remember now, but I suspect this is probably what did it. Thank you