Governor Contract on Avalanche


I am looking into using the Governor contract on the Avalanche network. I have been going through the contract and API documentation and also going through the Avalanche documentation.

From what I can see in the Governor code, it uses the block number in different places. One of those places is to determine the voting period. The Avalanche documentation says this: "It is customary on Ethereum to use block height progress as a proxy for time. You should not do that on Avalanche. Chains on Avalanche are quiescent, meaning that if there is no activity, there are no blocks produced."

So my question, does this affect the functionality of Governor on Avalanche?

Thank you for your time!

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Sorry, I am not familiar with the Avalanche, but according to what you mentioned above, maybe the governance contract can not work as expected, cause some conditions will use the block number, such as you need the block number to check when the proposal starts and ends, if the blocks can not be mine continuously, you can not estimate an actual time, so maybe it will cost two days, or it will cost four days.

I think you can ask the Avalanche team for the idea about the governance.

Yes this seems to affect the functionality in an important way. You should likely not use Governor on Avalanche.