General Question around bytes

ERC777 uses bytes quite a bit. Are bytes just a form of signature to prove/keep track of transactions for accounting purposes or is there a deeper meaning to bytes?

:computer: Environment
Remix pragma solidity ^0.6.0


:1234: Code to reproduce

function send(address recipient, uint256 amount, bytes memory data) public override  {
    _send(_msgSender(), recipient, amount, data, "", true);
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Hi @DuckSoldier,

ERC777 is a richer standard for fungible tokens (though you need to handle reentrancy)

data and operatorData bytes fields are used to pass data, e.g. to recipients.

See for details on data and operatorData bytes fields:

Every token transaction contains data and operatorData bytes fields to be used freely to pass data from the holder and the operator, respectively.

Also see

I also recommend looking at: Simple ERC777 token example especially the recipient.

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