GatekeeperThree incorrect contract method name?

The level URL is

It seems to me that the auto-generated external view function allow_entrance() can not be called.
Executing await contract.allow_entrance() would result in an error.

The contract GatekeeperThree definitely has a function called allow_entrance()

contract GatekeeperThree {
  address public owner;
  address public entrant;
  bool public allow_entrance;

  SimpleTrick public trick;


I believe the methodID for allow_entrance should be 0x33c13786 as

web3.utils.keccak256('allow_entrance()').slice(0, 10)

However, by decompiling the contract with panoramix, it shows me that the method has a different methodID (0x0e6e4b14)

def storage:
  owner is address at storage 0
  unknown0e6e4b14 is uint8 at storage 1 offset 160
  entrant is address at storage 1
  stor1 is uint256 at storage 1
  trickAddress is address at storage 2

def unknown0e6e4b14(): # not payable
  return bool(unknown0e6e4b14)

def trick(): # not payable
  return trickAddress

def owner(): # not payable
  return owner

def entrant(): # not payable
  return entrant

unknown0e6e4b14 is the only uint8 in the contract storage, so it must be the variable allow_entrance.

If my analysis is correct, the method name for allow_entrance must be incorrect, but I don't know what method name resulted in this wrong methodID 0x0e6e4b14