Ganache GUI workspaces with OpenZeppelin SDK projects

I’m using Truffle with Ganache GUI. I use Ganache workspace to keep states of my personal node.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to link Ganache workspace to a project created with openZeppelin?


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Hi @eloudsa,

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You could try creating an OpenZeppelin SDK project with truffle-config.js by first initializing truffle. (assumes Truffle and OpenZeppelin CLI installed globally)

mkdir spacetest && cd spacetest
npm init -y
truffle init
oz init

Though I don’t know how Ganache GUI contracts functionality would handle upgradeable (Proxy) contracts.

I use Windows Subsystem for Linux, so when I tried this, it couldn’t pick up my contract as I don’t run node on Windows. I assume this is the functionality that you were after.
Otherwise I could create the contract and interact with it using the OpenZeppelin CLI and see transactions and the logs (but not contracts or events).

If you give it a try, it would be great if you could share your results with the community.

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Thanks @abcoathup

I already did that by following your own post :wink: Using Gas Station Network starter kit on a local network

I was able to run the app and to use Ganache GUI but if I want to inspect the deployed contract from Ganache, I have a blank screen that requires to restart Ganache GUI.

I will pursue my tests and keep you informed in this thread.

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