Force Override Upgrade Validation

When attempting to use openzeppelin-upgrades we are able to override only a particular subset of unsafe actions (namely unsafeAllowCustomTypes and unsafeAllowLinkedLibraries). However in some cases, one may want to override things like “Use of delegatecall is not allowed” (e.g. when delegate calls are only used to read contract storage).

Would it be within the realm of possibility to include a manual override for all validations, or simply a forceSkipValidation feature?

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Hi @bh2smith, this is definitely possible and I think it’s a good idea. I’ve created an issue:


Hi @bh2smith,

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Hey there @abcoathup! Thanks for the warm welcome. Very glad to be here.

On a similar note to the issue I have posted here, I created a PR regarding providing your own deployment function to the deployProxy method in hardhat-upgrades.

I was hoping to provide a working example of these feature, but ran into this roadblock along the way. Once we have this manual override, it will be much easier for me to ensure the content of the PR is working as expected.


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