Feature request: specify Autotask event.request.body when invoking manually

I need access to a network value in my Autotask so I can access event.secrets!['secret_for_${network}'].

When the Autotask is invoked by a Sentinel, network gets included on event.request?.body.sentinel.

When the Autotask is invoked by a webhook, I can include network in the webhook's HTTP request body.

But when the Autotask is invoked manually from the Defender dashboard, there is no way to include a network parameter.

While there may be network-specific secrets at the Autotask's disposal, they're of no use if the Autotask does not know which network to use.

Not unrelated to Feature request: pass name and/or network to scheduled Autotasks.

Good idea! It'd also help in debugging autotasks in general.

In the meantime, one hackier solution to have network-specific Autotasks universally invocable from one code base is to use a mustache template file with {{network}} wherever needed in the Autotask, along with separate JSON config files for each network containing:

   "network": "kovan"

...that can be used in a mustache config/kovan.json index.template.js > index.js script to load "kovan" into "{{network}}". You could then upload the index.js file to "Your Autotask (Kovan)".