Fail Verify & Publish Contract Source Code

I am trying to verify and confirm new token 0xBf796F514dbCA5De34193954c002542A6314afDA smart contract of the token but I get this error

Compiler debug log:
Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI (General Exception, unable to get compiled [bytecode])
For troubleshooting, you can try compiling your source code with the Remix - Solidity IDE and check for exceptions

Could you share your contract source code?
And on which chain did you deploy?

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Please refer to our guide on verification:

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Link to file with source code which was decompiled from byte code to solidity by website

You can check many smart contracts on my git.

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I am trying to get funds from the bank to top up this coin with ethernum currency. Im such silly CEO as in this song called cryptoboy. It is possible that the code of this coin needs to be improved by adding the owner and sender functions? but Im new to this uhh dream is so everyone have this coin. I know its stupid but I made this coin based on what people consider to be the code that making exit from the matrix which is 0010110

This coin is on Ethereum chain

On the left is your contract and on the right is a bit101 coin. meybe something needs to be changed here. maybe is needed to insert that address from etherscan where the coin was made. warrior_dragon could you help me verify and confirm this code on etherscan ?

Thanks for your response.
I will help you.
Please send me contract source code as attachments.

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bit101.json (17.7 KB)

thank you thank you thank you

I can also send you some of these coins if you want. It would be great if more people had these coins. If you can confirm and make this code public on etherscan that would be super super . O and the address of this contract on etherscan that is 0xBf796F514dbCA5De34193954c002542A6314afDA

So you warrior_dragon also failed to verify and make this contract public on etherscan. Previously one boy from Ukraine who claimed to be a blockchain developer also couldn't handle it. I started the linux environment on chrombook but I also failed to verify and publish this code on etherscan. If someone would like to HELP and would be able to do it the etherscan contract address is 0xBf796F514dbCA5De34193954c002542A6314afDA and decopilited code to solidity that is
bit101.json (17.7 KB)