Expand openzeppelin wizard like others?

Hello i would like to recomend to expand this wizard, so everyone can review, check solidity code, and create his own token:

Like others:

Code must be available and easy for everyone!

Can you give specific points that you would like to see improved in our Contracts Wizard?

In the wizard it could be great to add options in ERC20 (with source code ) such as:

transaction Tax
Burn fee
Buyback fee
Holders reward fee

also for example at bsc:

Automatic LP
LP SWAP (liquidity tax)

In the erc1155 there could be options such as:

user max mint
total max mint

Thank you for the suggestions. The tax and fee parameters are definitely out of scope for the contract, as they are too domain specific. Contracts Wizard is a general purpose wizard, it does not cater specifically to tokens with tax mechanisms.

For ERC1155 I'm not sure I understand what those parameters would do.