EVM Package source-code at Etherscan / blockexplorer

It is possible to check the source-code at Etherscan (or other blockexplorer) of the contracts inside in an EVM package?

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Hi @nogueiradalmeida

Contracts inside an EVM package can be verified on Etherscan (or another blockchain explorer).

OpenZeppelin Contracts Ethereum Package has the following four logic contracts deployed on Mainnet, Kovan, Ropsten, and Rinkeby. These should be able to be (manually) verified on Etherscan.


  • StandaloneERC20: ERC20 token implementation, optionally mintable and pausable.
  • StandaloneERC721: ERC721 non-fungible token implementation with metadata and enumerable extensions, optionally mintable and pausable.
  • TokenVesting: tToken holder contract that can release its token balance gradually like a typical vesting scheme, with a cliff and vesting period, optionally revocable.
  • PaymentSplitter: Splits payments among a group of addresses proportionately to some number of shares they own.

The addresses for the contracts can be found in json file for each network in the repository

Though it would be great if these were verified already. I have created an issue for this https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts-ethereum-package/issues/66

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Thank you for opening this issue!

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