Events in Tokens Transferred

Hello everybody:

I like that the information of the transactions appears to the accounts designated for the fees. In this contract, all accounts appear except for the distribution of reflectionfees.

1º Contract:

Well, in the previous contract they appear and have no events for it. On the other hand, in another contract that does have the events implemented, they do not appear.

2º Contract:

How can it be that in this contract the events do not appear but if they are implemented?

	event TransferBurn(address indexed from, address indexed burnAddress, uint256 value);
	event TransferProject(address indexed from, address indexed projectAddress, uint256 value);

Maybe I’m wrong and in Tokens Transferred there is information that is not an event.

this is the burn function of the first contract in which the information appears

   function _burn(address account, uint256 amount) internal {
        require(account != address(0), "BEP20: burn from the zero address");

        _rOwned[account] = _rOwned[account].sub(
            "BEP20: burn amount exceeds balance"
        _tTotal = _tTotal.sub(amount);
        emit Transfer(account, address(0), amount);

And here the burn function in the other contract, where the event does not appear

	function _transferBurn(uint256 tBurn) private {
		uint256 currentRate = _getRate();
		uint256 rBurn = tBurn.mul(currentRate);		
		_rOwned[BURN_ADDRESS] = _rOwned[BURN_ADDRESS].add(rBurn);
			_tOwned[BURN_ADDRESS] = _tOwned[BURN_ADDRESS].add(tBurn);

Is this where the problem is?

Thanks in advance

So it is necessary to include in the function in transfer event so that it appears in the Etherscan.

      emit Transfer(account, address(0), amount);

But I still do not understand why those created in the superior function do not appear.

	function _transferStandard(address sender, address recipient, uint256 tAmount) 
	private {
		    uint256 rAmount, 
		    uint256 rTransferAmount, 
		    uint256 rHODLrFee, 
		    uint256 tTransferAmount, 
		    uint256 tHODLrFee, 
		    uint256 tBurn, 
		    uint256 tProject
		    ) = _getValues(tAmount);
		_rOwned[sender] = _rOwned[sender].sub(rAmount);
		_rOwned[recipient] = _rOwned[recipient].add(rTransferAmount);
		_transferBurn(sender, tBurn);
		_transferProject(sender, tProject);
		_HODLrFee(rHODLrFee, tHODLrFee);
		emit TransferBurn(sender, BURN_ADDRESS, tBurn);
		emit TransferProject(sender, _projectAddress, tProject);
		emit Transfer(sender, recipient, tTransferAmount);