Essential Topics - October 2019

Essential Topics

  1. Devcon5: Check out the OpenZeppelin presentations: developer experience, Solidity hot-loader, Maker vulnerability, security and scaling panels, & more!

  2. Istanbul: See what is changing with @fasteater’s overview of the upcoming Istanbul hard-fork, and test your contracts for issues on ganache.
    Plus how OpenZeppelin upgradeable contracts are affected

  3. Gas Station Network: Learn how to approve meta-transactions off chain with @Dennison’s epic tutorial for the Gas Station Network. :fuelpump:

  4. Contract analysis: Try out VeriMan, an analysis tool for Solidity built by @VeraBE, and see what vulnerabilities you can find in your own smart contracts!

  5. dapp challenge: Take @spalladino’s challenge from his Devcon Lightning Talk to build a dapp that shows non-fungible tokens, and share how you did it!

  6. Showcase: Proof of Concept for recovering an identity contract using Google Sign-In.