Error while compiling solidity smart contract with erc20.sol

Hey I'm new in this community and i would like to post my issue with the compilation of one SmartContract.

I'm trying to use Slither to find some vulnerabilities in one smart contract and in the middle of the compilation the program finds one error and exit.

The error:

Fragment of the smart contract:

Whould you mind helping me in this? I'm pretty new in the world of smart contracts.
Before run the slither command to compile the smart contract and gather vulns I have introduced the command "solc-select use 0.8.0" to select the right solidity version.

Also I have installed latest @openzeppelin/contracts libraries with the command:
"npm install @openzeppelin/contracts --force"

Thanks you so much for your time guys.

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

Maybe you can try as following:
slither ./contracts/ --solc-remaps '@openzeppelin/contracts=./node_modules/@openzeppelin/contracts