Error sending ERC20

Dear Sir , every time I try to send Erc20 FTT to another one I got meesage say :

Why miner fee is in ETH?
You are trying to send an ERC20 token , which are issued on the Ethereum blockchain . this mean you need Eth to pay the Miner’s fee to send this coin

I have balance in the same wallet Eth more than 100$
and the balance of ERC20 FTT more than 350$

Anyone has a situation for that

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Hi @Index_Mohammad,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Can you give a bit more detail about what you are experiencing?
What is the token address?
What application are you using to call transfer?
Where is the error shown? (can you share a screenshot)

Hi @Index_Mohammad,

I wanted to check if you have resolved the issue?