ERC721Full and ERC165

Hey guys,
Working on a little crypto card project and am inheriting the 721Full interface on my contract as it looks like it will bring along the metadata and enumerable pieces.

What do I need to do as far as 165 and supportedInterfaces? Do I just need to make the supportedInterfaces declarations for the 721, metadata, and enumerable functions?

Is there a good reference for how those look? I tried dropping this into my constructor to see if I was on the right track but got an undeclared error on supportedInterfaces when I tried to compile it in Truffle:
supportedInterfaces [
this.balanceOf.selector ^
this.ownerOf.selector ^
] = true;

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

No need, this is done automatically for you in the constructors.

Are you trying to add your own custom functions to the declared interfaces? If you, doing functionA.selector ^ functionB.selector will return the bytes4 value that you need to pass to _registerInterface: there’s no need to store those in an array.

_registerInterface(this.balanceOf.selector ^ this.ownerOf.selector);

Thanks Nicolas! That’s fantastic.

Loving OpenZeppelin, makes learning this so much easier.