ERC721 Public Mint UX

First, please don’t refer me to OpenSea, Rarible, or any other NFT exchange. That’s not what I’m asking!

If I have a deployed contract with no minter role assigned (meaning anyone can call it and mint), has anyone seen any examples of a good UI/UX around clicking that “mint” button, and knowing how much ETH is required and then calling the appropriate signer methods?

Obviously, I can estimateGas and show the user what it should cost so they know what they’re getting in to, but I’m curious around the overall user experience around this.

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Hi @EvilJordan,

In general you want to make it as easy as possible to mint a token and be clear up front what the expected cost of doing so is.

You may want to consider using a relayer and either absorbing the minting cost yourself as part of onboarding or charge a flat fee in fiat to cover some of the costs. You could look at using OpenZeppelin Defender Relay for this:

Projects in the NFT space (including those allowing users to mint tokens) could be a good place to start, though due to gas costs they may be on xDAI, so potentially less relevant depending on your use case.

I suggest looking at Nifty Ink which is on xDAI but has an upgrade to mainnet button for inks that you create.

POAP has moved to xDAI:
Gitcoin Kudos doesn’t show the minting cost:
Mokens stopped having a public mint.

I haven’t got a good example unfortunately.
@DaveAppleton have you come across good examples?

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