**ERC20PresetMinterPauser** suggestion

Hey everyone,

I was reading the ERC20PresetMinterPauser and it inherits ERC20Burnable which exposes burn and burnFrom,

given the Preset name it is not obvious the reason it inherits the burnable? is is needed? isn't is misleading as to which functionalities are exposed?

Thank you everyone

another thing: it inherits AccessControl which inherits ERC165,

curently it says it implements 165 and does NOT implement ERC20, should this be changed?

Thanks for the suggestions.

ERC-20 does not mandate ERC-165, this means that users can't expect a contract to report the ERC-20 interface id through ERC-165 supportsInterface. OpenZeppelin's implementation therefore doesn't do it.

The presets are going to be removed in favor of Contracts Wizard in our upcoming 5.0 release, so it makes no sense to consider changing the name right now.

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