ERC20PermitUpgradeable -

Hi, i am working on a security token based on ERC20.

I want my contract to inherit from ERC20PermitUpgradeable but i don't understand why EIP712Upgradeable initializes from ERC20Permit with a fixed version number :

__EIP712_init_unchained(name, "1");

As I am using UUPS Proxy, I assume the version (here 1) should be a variable so it can be changed when I create a new implementation. How is it possible to initialize EIP712 from my implementation with the correct version ?

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That is the symbol. As you can see this is the function body

function __ERC721_init_unchained(string memory name_, string memory symbol_) internal onlyInitializing {
        _name = name_;
        _symbol = symbol_;

@FreezyEx , I am talking about EIP712Upgradeable (DOMAIN_SEPARATOR) and not ERC721Upgradeable (NFT standard). There is a misunderstanding :wink:

My bad I was 100% sure that I read 721 :sweat_smile:

Please can you help how i can set the right version for EIP712 from my token ?
Do i have to init EIP712 from Token which inherits from ERC20PermitUpgradeable ?