ERC20Permit and EIP still in draft.. why?

Hi, im planning to use the ERC20Permit contracts from OZ, but noticed the EIP and the contract are still in draft and its been like that for a while now. (

Why is it that the EIP is not confirmed, are there other better approaches now?

I guess my concern in general is if I should be using this pattern and contracts or not. What is OZ's recommendation in general?



There is no good reason why these EIPs are still Drafts.

One of the reasons is that EIP-712 is a dependency of Permit and is also a Draft. The original authors don't seem interested anymore or are not available.

I believe it's completely ok to use these EIPs even though they are Drafts. They are already de facto standards and I don't think a proposal to change them in a breaking way would be successful.

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Thanks Fran for the clarification!