Erc20 contract verification

Im struggling to flatten a file from remix and would love to hire someone to help me verify my erc20 contract as soon as humanly possible please. I have been doing this for hours and hours to no avail. Thank you

I have read your job posting.
I can help you.
Can we discuss via Telegram?
Hope you good reply.


I am available to resovle this issue, if still you are looking for developer, please let me know or connect over telegram @hreela


This dude hasn't posted a job or requested for a developer, he just asked for help verifying his contract. In either case, I'm pretty sure that this issue has already been resolved in a different question by the same user, which he had posted at the same time as this one.

I am sorry if he is not looking for a developer, but this post is posted under "Developer Wanted" category thats why I replied.


Ah, my bad then, I didn't notice that one. Sorry :slight_smile: