ERC-721 Image not showing

Hi! I am a non-developer trying make informative material for creators to easily mint NFT using openzepplin wizard. I truly admire your effort! But unfortunately, after about 6 trials, I run into a halt. Please do inform me if I made a stupid mistake along the way.

For this I used

  1. JSON Editor Online for GEM-metadata.json file
  2. Pinata Cloud for storing metadata file and image
  3. Openzepplin Wizard for developing smart contract
  4. Ethereum Remix for compiling, deploying and minting
  5. Opensea for viewing

This is metadata file on Pinata Cloud

This is the Wizard Screen

This is Ethereum Remix Screen

And nothing shows up on opensea

For some reason, it seems that I am having trouble uploading Pinata json file to smart contract correctly. I copy and pasted ipfs://CID but there must be something wrong. Could someone be kind to enlighten how foolish I am?

If I did not write this correctly, do inform me what I should write more. Thank you very much for your patience.

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Sorry for trying to upost this but am I doing something significantly wrong??? Or did I post it in the format that is ilegible?

I still could not resolve this issue. I am need help

I think there needs to be a forward slash at the end of the ipfs string