Erc-1155 metadata not working on polyscan mumbai for erc-20 tokens


I have a erc-1155 contract that manages 2 erc-20 tokens. I am trying to set uri, in format "https://some-url/{id}.json".
According to docs, clients should be able to replace {id} with tokenId and that should be standardized.
However, there is no impact on mumbai polyscan, decimals are not shown in transfers (for 10 with decimals 6, it is showing 10000000).
My expectations were if i specify metadata with "decimals": 6, that mumbai polyscan would recognize this, and show values properly.

My question is, are these expectations correct, or is this not possible? Or is this not possible only on mumbai polyscan?

My metadata looks like this:
"name": "Test token",
"decimals": 6,
"description": "Test token"

Thanks in advance