Eip712 offline signatures works only with erc20 and 721 tokens that have permit method?

For example - opensea and his seaport. I read source code and documentation.
And as I understood eip712 (offline signatures) works with new permit method of nft or erc20 only that supports it.

EIP-712 is all about signing messages in a way to make it easier to display what you are signing. It is not exclusive to Tokens.

Just like the normal signed messages aren’t exclusively used to erc20/NFT’s.

I wrote in context opensea's seaport protocol. That uses 712 signs for movement erc20 or erc721 tokens.
But token contracts can use 712 only in new extended method permit()
What if permit is not implemented? seaport can't use 712 signs with it?

Where do you see that information? I can’t find any documentation stating it only supports permit.

Just think... Just read and think. No google.
I wrote above:

All I see on opensea that it supports erc20, erc1150, erc721 etc so I have no idea where you get that part. If you have one of the supported types then it should work unless you didn’t implement the specification correctly.

Man, enough. I can use google by myself.
I looking for somebody who know solidity and mentioned features