Doubts on single ProxyAdmin per network

Hi guys,
I used upgrade plugins to deploy an upgradeable token with transparent proxy on testnet, and then I accidently transferred the ownership of the ProxyAdmin contract to an EOA that I don't have any control of.
To continue testing the token functionalities, I decided to use a new EOA to deploy the same token implementation contract with the upgrade plugins, I expected a new ProxyAdmin, a new Proxy and a new token implementation contract would be deployed, so that I could have full control of the token upgrades again. But at the end the ProxyAdmin stays the same.

I'm wondering how can I deploy a new implementation contract with a new ProxyAdmin, so I can have full control of the token upgrade management ? Any help is appreciated.

I found this documentation from , it mentions Only one per network gets deployed , why I can't deploy a new proxy admin with my second EOA account ? Is it because the implementation contract is the same ?

A ProxyAdmin is a contract that acts as the owner of all your proxies. Only one per network gets deployed. When you start your project, the ProxyAdmin is owned by the deployer address, but you can transfer ownership of it by calling transferOwnership.

This limitation will be removed when we update the Hardhat plugin to deploy proxies from OpenZeppelin Contracts 5.0. You can subscribe to this issue:

In OpenZeppelin Contracts 5.0, transparent proxies each deploy their own admin automatically as part of their constructor.