Discussion: EIP-1884 Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes

EIP-1884 Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes is part of the accepted EIPs for the Istanbul hardfork.

This topic is for discussion of the EIP and it’s impact.

For some more background see the following discussion thread on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1167477334657654786

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Hello there,

First of all thanks for all the hard work you guys do.

So checking here:

If i understand correctly RelayHub is affected in the sense that those hardcoded limits will be too low for some transactions after the fork

// Gas stipends for acceptRelayedCall, preRelayedCall and postRelayedCall
    uint256 constant private acceptRelayedCallMaxGas = 50000;
    uint256 constant private preRelayedCallMaxGas = 100000;
    uint256 constant private postRelayedCallMaxGas = 100000;

Should a new version be deployed with higher limits? Or leaving the limits hardcoded again will be susceptible to future adjustments in the future?


Hi @ethicraul welcome to the community :wave:

I assume too that the opcode repricing could require changing these limits in RelayHub.