Developer Wanted: Smart Contract for Stablecoin and Blockchain Web APIs

Hello there, we are looking for you.

We will interview you to be sure you have what we are looking for, during the interview make sure you have all environment ready and running.

We want to see what technology you are applying to and how you are handling it.

We are not going to pay you for development. We want to have what you already did. We will send you the token parameters to write the smart contract and the domain name to compile the Web APIs. Regarding custom development, we will pay you for the working hours.

About the Project:

  • Write Smart Contract in Solidity for Stablecoin by using OpenZeppelin
  • Code verification and Update company information on Etherscan
  • Deployment (Mainnet and Ropsten)
  • Write Blockchain Web API in .Net Core C# by using Nethereum (Web3.js)
  • Blockchain Web API Deployment
  • Github for the project

Provide us an estimate for the whole project.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Hi @Swissinvestor,

Welcome to the community forum :wave:

If I understand correctly you want a stable token, though you don’t mention what mechanism will be used for stability. OpenZeppelin Contracts includes an implementation for ERC20 but doesn’t include mechanisms for stability.

Can you add more information about the type of stable token you are wanting to create. You would need someone to develop this for you.

Hi @abcoathup,

Thank you for contacting me.

It will be a fiat backed stable coin like USDT the value of issuing fee will be 0.2%

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