Developer needed for Ever rise Clone

Hey im looking for a developer that can clone ever rise, and help through out the project, we are willing to pay with an allocation in tokens.

must know buy back functions.


yo, hit me up TG: @radarhere

Hi if you need help reach me on telegram

Hey, pop me a msg on TG


Hi contact me im a developer specialising in smart contract tokens. I wont charge if i am given a cut from the tokens. Ill help you the whole way through the project!

I'm curious to know if u found an actual developer to clone the site or were they just trying to make a quick buck. I'm also looking for a devoloper...

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you may contact to tg @paybankings


I need customized dividend features. If you can, share your tg.

Hello, i doubt you're still looking but if you (or @SolidCircle / @comeonline) are feel free to PM me :slight_smile: