Deploying a new proxy, after ProxyAdmin is transferred to Multisig

Hi OpenZeppelin team,

We deployed several proxy contracts using the oz-upgrades library from a EOA deployer wallet in our main development github repository. After finalizing we transferred the ownership of the proxyAdmin from the deployer to a multisig wallet.

We are now in need of deploying yet another Proxy contract. However, the task has us thinking on how should it be done. This leads us to the following questions:

  1. Is there a "simple" known process to deploy a new Proxy directly from the multisig ? (if not we probably suggest that Defender implements this feature).

  2. We noticed that oz-upgrades stores information in ./Packageroot/.openzeppelin/<chainName-chainId>.json. What are these files required for? Are they critical for future upgradeability checks within oz-upgrades?

  3. We have the idea of using the same original EOA deployer to deploy the new Proxy. Will calling upgrades.deployProxy() result in deploying a new ProxyAdmin and Implementation (or does this depends if the stored information per question 2 is available?

Thanks for the support on clarifying these questions.

:1234: Code to reproduce


:computer: Environment

  1. We use Hardhat in our project.