Deploy an upgradable contract from an upgradable factory

hello guys
I have an upgradable contract called wallet
Since it is an upgradable contract its imports are from the "contracts-upgradable" folder of open zeppelin...

I need to code a factory for that contract. BUT that factory needs to be upgradable as well...
I'm not finding in the node_modules (OZ folder "contracts-upgradable" any references to a transparentProxy model of something like that...

So how can i deploy an upgradable contract from inside a function in another upgradable contract ?

thanks a lot!!

There you go.

Thanks, for that... I did find that... but 'm not sure if will work.
I mean, can I use that from an upgradable contract to deploy another upgradable contract ?
Because I was under the impression that when I'm using an upgradable contract I need to use stuff from

If your contract inherits from TransparentUpgradeableProxy, then you can call function upgradeTo in that contract.
I'm not quite sure why they haven't placed TransparentUpgradeableProxy under contracts-upgradable.
I've actually wondered about that myself at the time, but the upgrade mechanism works, so I did not bother to investigate further.

ok, I'll try that way... thanks a lot

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