Defender-meta-txns reverts when trying to send msg.value

I am trying use defender for sending meta-txns from the github repo of openzeppelin workshops
but meta-txns are getting failed when sending msg.value to a contract. provided txn details below, when simulated through tenderly txn is failing in minimal forwarder contract. Do meta-txns support sending msg.value to payable methods ?

:computer: Environment


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hey @kbhargav5! If you're using the latest version of the MinimalForwarder, then it should accept funds from the Relayer and relay them along to the receiving contract. Are you sure the function you're trying to call in the contract is payable?

hi @spalladino,
yes, the function has payable. But I dont want forwarder to take the funds from relayer in this case. I am trying to send the txn with 1 matic from account1 via minimal forwarder using relayer for paying gas, will the 1 matic funds be used from relayer or account1 ? So 1 matic from account1 and gas fee from relayer should be used in the txn.

hi @spalladino ,
is it possible to have only gas fees to be paid by relayers and rest of the native tokens be paid by actual sender with meta-txns?

@spalladino ,
one more thing, even for other tokens, if we have transferFrom in contract method for which we need to do gasless-txns, the user should approve the contract before this txn to spend his tokens. Gasless txns for approve will not work as these tokens are already deployed