Defender Autotask Intermittent Failures

We've seen a few intermittent Autotask failures which I'd like help on - they appear to be an OZ infrastructure issue rather than with the Autotask itself

Task timed out after 20.04 seconds (should only timeout after 5mins):
call revert exception relayer issues on read-only function calls (these fns are simple and never revert)

:computer: Environment

These are intermittent runs of otherwise successful Autotasks. They use the relayer to call read-only on-chain function calls.

I can provide example links to runs to a private DM.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi @frontier -

That timeout is related to the Relayer rather than the Autotask itself. It was likely due to a provider delaying response for a JSON RPC call. We try to manage such issues by falling back to backup providers but the logic is not perfect unfortunately.