Deconstructing a Solidity Contract — Part II: Creation code

gm Community,
I started learning EVM in depth, and in the blog when I reached the first half I am unsure about the following ....Deconstructing a Solidity Contract — Part II: Creation vs. Runtime

LIke i understand the the CALLVALUE opcode will have value of eth/wei passed by the constructor if it is present. So, in the case of the example we are not using any constructor(payable). So it pushes 0 to the stack then DUP1 duplicates it and then the check ISZERO which is true so the stack replaces the top of the stack with 0x01 and then comes the PUSH2 0010 which pushes the 0x10 for 2 byte on the stack as per my understanding and then JUMPI taking the top most position as destination to line 16 i.e 0x10 which we got by push2, so my question is where did the 0x01 which was gained by ISZERO go since it was added to stack but after JUMPI jumps to line 16 and the stack is removes the 0x01 but why was it removed from stack with JUMPI as jumpi should take 0x10 that is 16 but what about 0x01

I am not sure if I should have asked the question in the proper manner so sorry for that.