Crypto Trends 5 October 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Rollup-centric Ethereum roadmap

Rollup adoption is coming soon™ and I am optimistic that Optimism will be the VHS of Layer 2 due to the ease of migration. Once we have ETH2 Phase 1 we can then see even greater scaling.

Zinken ETH2 Phase 0 testnet

Spadina testnet genesis was a little bumpy, Zinken is another chance to practice genesis before Phase 0 goes live.

Genesis deposits due Thursday, October 8th at 12 UTC.
Genesis ~ Monday, October 12th at 12 UTC.


Nice to see POAPs move to xDAI, so we can see increased experimentation and I can start claiming.

In the medium term I see application classes moving to Layer 2 rather than sidechains.

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Mocking Solidity contracts in JavaScript:



OpenZeppelin are hiring: