Crypto Trends 29 June 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

DEX volume is growing

Uniswap this month is on track to do more volume than all of 2019

USD$1 Billion supplied to Compound protocol

Congratulations to the Compound team on this milestone:

Source code verification with Sourcify

Smart contract source code verification is hugely important for transparency. I’m excited to see a decentralized approach. I am optimistic that the days of flattening contracts will soon be over.

Network Congestion

Gas prices are still around 20-40Gwei. (

The Ethereum Foundation is providing support for those participating in the Reddit scaling bake-off. I hope that a Layer 2 solution can win.

For communities that aren’t DeFi, scaling is urgently needed.
NFT art/collectibles is a prime example:

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Post Mortems





Hudson explains who is an Ethereum core developer:

bonjour, quand la couche 2 est mise en place, ainsi les frais de transaction sont trop élevées , cela incite à changer de blockchain moins onéreux, pour rémunérer les artistes il faudrait limiter les frais de gaz

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Hi @besmily,

Lower value transactions are getting priced out of mainnet, so they may need to move to a sidechain or use a Layer 2 solution.