Crossing of chains

I have a problem with a so-called string crossing that I consider to be impossible. Worse seems to be what happened.

We have a contract on testnet for a presale. A user, without knowing very well how he did it, sent a real BNB to the same address of the contract but in the mainet.

test presale in testnet:

account in mainet:

The only way I can understand that the user has done it is to send a direct transfer from the metamask to the address of the pre-sale contract in the mainet. But still there is something that I do not understand and cannot explain ...

If we check the transaction in the mainet we see that it has activated the purchase method `` `buytokens```:

How can a method that does not exist in the blockchain be activated? How can you activate a method in testnet but execute the transaction in mainet?

I have a good discussion with the technical chief. Because I still think that there is something strange here. I look forward to your help, always thanking your attention and knowing.

This doesn't mean that the method was actually invoked. What probably happened is just that Etherscan was able to decode the calldata and identify the function call that was encoded.

Exacly.. Thanks for your reply.