Create your own NFT store on your website with WordPress plugins

Quando alguém compra e paga um NFT pelo meu site, os plugins enviam o NFT para o endereço do comprador. E eu tenho um código que eu implantei onde eu tenho o meu próprio contrato para emitir e gerenciar os meus NFTs. Veja o código:

Primeiramente, parabéns pela iniciativa.
Bom, resumidamente então o primeiro plugin seria para vender ETH e ERC20 tokens, o segundo ERC721 tokens e o terceiro vender a arte propriamente dita.
Desta forma , eu não precisaria dos dois primeiros, correto? Somente se eu quisesse ser “tipo” uma corretora? Pelo menos foi isso que entendi.
Mas mesmo assim isso seria possível? Acredito que no Brasil são poucas as que vendem crypto moeda, e ainda assim é um mercado bem arriscado, especialmente por conta das invasões por hackers em corretoras. Dessa forma você acha que seria mesmo interessante os dois primeiros plugins? Além de serem bem caros. Por favor nos dê sua opinião. Obrigado

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Os plugins automatizam todo o processo de venda e envio dos NFTs. Facilita a nossa vida. Se você não quiser os dois primeiros, você pode enviar para o comprador os NFTs manualmente quando vender. Será P2P.

Hello Marcelo,

Author of these plugins here. I was surprised to read that these plugins are too expensive. There are Monthly plans for all plugins available. For example, the three plugins NFT WordPress Plugin Kit, including the WordPress Ethereum Wallet plugin, Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce and NFT WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce has a $24/Month subscription plan. Or $8/Month for one plugin average.

I’m happy to announce the NFT tokens display and sending support in the Wordpress Ethereum Wallet plugin: Ethereum Wallet NFT Extension

Ah okay. Eu acho que devo adquirir os plugins mesmo. Achei a ideia muito bacana. Vou me aprofundar na leitura deles e decidir. Obrigado.

Hello. How are you? Yeah… the dolar is a kind of expensive for us now. I am very interest in get the kit. Maybe I pay the total amount for get the 3. Can we have an addicional discount, if possible? Also… I need to configure something like a crowdfunding for 3D STL file.
Something similar to this sell here. (and of course including the possibility to sell Crypto art):

Can I connect the script also to receive ethereum donations right? Or maybe, do something like a crowdfunding for a crypto art. Lets talk about it.

Hey Oleg, i am thinking of using these plugins. Do you have any suggestion for a wordpress theme that works good with these. I dont see any nft marketplace themes on themeforest. I think we need to modify an existing marketplace theme. Do you have any idea about that?

You are welcome to contact me in a support chat.

Any WooCommerce compatible theme can be used. There are no special requirements from these plugins.

The NFT Minting Extension is released on the 11th of May 2021 for the early access sponsorship program members. It will be available for the rest of the PRO license owners for free from the 11th of October 2021


  1. NFT token minting in the moment of the WooCommerce product publishing or payment confirmation
  2. WooCommerce NFT product configuration with unique properties. WooCommerce attributes and variations are used for that.
  3. JSON metadata file implementation according to, so, they can be accessed with URL like
  4. NFT token content is protected with cryptographically generated hashes of all files and attributes attached. The token ID itself is a hash of the JSON metadata file.

Product settings

Plugin NFT settings

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Hi, I have some questions:

Which platform actually creates the ERC721 tokens? Is it through OpenSea or directly on the blockchain?

Can you store hidden metadata, as OpenSea does?

What are the fees to create an NFT?

Yeah, you can use this platform directly, or you can write a contract by yourself, and you can have a look at this tool: Clean and simple.

I think all the data in the contract can be accessible, just either easy or hard.

Not sure for this. If you deploy by yourself, maybe it is free.

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So would this allow me to sell NFTs created elsewhere on my website, or can I actually create the NFTs with these tools, and then sell them myself?

Hi @Skyge

I have approx 100 collectible, so I have to write ERC721 contract for every collectibles?

And what to put on this filed: baseuri

Maybe not, one ERC721 contract can generate many NFTs, they have different id in the same ERC721 contract, and I think you can have a look at this tutorial:

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you saved my days. Thanks.

how to make nft for binance smart chain? is it possible, if so, any guideline or tuts?

Sorry, I am not familiar with the BSC-Chain, maybe you should ask for help in their forum: Home | Binance Chain Forum

I think the BSC-Chain is just like the Ethereum, so you can deploy the same contract on the BSC-Chian, it will work.

I'm happy to announce the NFT Minting Extension merge to the main NFT WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce. From now the NFT lazy minting functionality is available in the basic NFT WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce package.
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), or any other EVM compatible blockchain with etherscan-like API is supported.

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