Create your own NFT store on your website with WordPress plugins

A new paradigm is emerging in the cryptoart. Now the cryptoartists have the option to be fully decentralized.

The cryptoartists can have their own NFT contract and their own store on your website. This is a total autonomy that never existed in the cryptoart. Maybe it’s the real decentralized art.

In this topic, I will bring some information just about the creation of the NFT store on the website itself. In the future, I will make a more complete article on this topic and also on how the cryptoartist can create its own custom NFT contract.

Well, for those who want to create their own NFT store on their website (created with wordpress), you should use these 3 plugins:

To configure the plugins, read the tutorials and, if you have doubts, look for the support of the plugins. This way, you will be able to configure them with ease.

You will also need the Woocommerce plugin and security plugins. Search on how to maintain the security of your site. That’s it.


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See my NFT Store:

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Hi @ninoarteiro,

Congratulations on the launch of your store and thank you for sharing how the community can create their own too. :pray:

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