Contract request: Ownable without `renounceOwnership`

My use case is about a contract that has the right to withdraw some earnings that accrue in the contract over time. I obviously don’t want to end up renouncing the ownership by mistake, given that would incur a permanent loss of funds.

Having a flavour of Ownable without renounceOwnership would be pretty cool!

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I think anyway owner can renounce ownership by transferring ownership to unowned address. Maybe Claimable would better fit your needs?

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Yup, but a fat-finger error is more likely with a method with no parameters.

Oh this definitely looks better! However, since it’s not in the main repo right now, it doesn’t help us much. Just like someone said on GitHub, using Claimable now would make us lose the “widely-used and thoroughly-verified by the community” feature.

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These situations are common enough that I think a Claimable v2 is due. I’m not a fan of how the original one worked, but we can probably come up with a better design. Stay tuned!


I like the idea that any renounce function would require a parameter of the current address with that role to save fat fingers in autogenerated UI.

Though this would require an API change.

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