Connecting to PoA network

Hi, warm greeting from me who is new here.
Sorry for asking a question on the first day.
I created private Ethereum Network based on PoA to deploy ERC721token.
But I am not sure how it can access that network from my local remix edit.
I appreciate any help.

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Hi @wangzhen welcome to the community :wave:

Questions are great. I hadn’t used Remix with a local network before, so got to try this out.

I used MetaMask in my web browser with Remix to connect to ganache-cli running locally on my machine and then deployed a token using Remix to ganache-cli.

Assuming you are using MetaMask, change the network to Custom RPC (for connecting to ganache-cli I used localhost:8545) and specify a RPC URL for your POA network that you can connect to.

You will need to have your network (PoA) Ether in the account you are using on MetaMask (or import an account private key that has network Ether into MetaMask).
(For ganache-cli I connected via truffle console and web3.eth.sendTransaction({from:sender, to:receiver, value: amount}) to transfer test Ether to the account I use in development)

You can then deploy contracts using Remix and MetaMask and interact with them.

Let me know if you need a more detailed answer.

Hi @wangzhen

I wanted to check if you were able to deploy to your private Proof of Authority network. Let me know if I can help.