Coding Journey: My Path to Solid Solidity Skills

My Tech Past
I have been learning to program since getting interested in HTML in middle school. I took college-level computer science courses in high school and learned to develop in new languages, for new environments such as Arduino C, Node.js, PHP & Python. Out of high school, I got a few jobs in software development, network and sysadmin, and digital artwork.
I learned of solidity in late 2018 and played with some examples in Remix. It wasn’t until I started going to crypto meetups and heard about the ETHDenver hackathon in February 2020 that I finally decided to dive in and learn this language. I studied for the weeks leading up, developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals of smart contract development in Solidity. Taking some courses on block geeks and watching videos on YouTube, I got a good picture of the space as well as some context for the unique challenges and familiarity with the tooling available.
At ETHDenver our team started development on a new NFT game called Microverse, planning a concept and implementing most of the core of the project.
After the event, I began to work with one of my teammates on some other NFT projects as I am continuing to do. I have been Refining my Solidity and Web3 skills while getting a strong environment setup, to allow for these and future projects to flow better.
I am looking for tooling right now to flatten and debug my contracts. I am trying to add truffle alongside the OZ CLI tools for this but am running into some issues with imports. I posted this on another form post here: Flat precompiled files?

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Hi @Skyler_Fly,

Welcome to the community forum :wave:

Thanks for sharing your Solidity Coding Journey. I :heart: reading these.

I had a quick look at Microverse.Life Cell NFT in

Feel free to create a new topic for the issue with importing with Truffle that you are having. I also created a topic for your question with flattening: How to verify a regular contract inheriting from OpenZeppelin

Great to have you hear and sharing your journey. I look forward to following what you build.

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