Change compiler version when deploying proxy

hi @frangio is there a way to change compiler version to be greater than v0.8.9 when deploying proxy?

i created a UUPS proxy pattern in this contract:

and here's the implementation with v0.8.17 compiler version

thanks in advance!

I don't really understand the question. The proxy and the implementation can be compiled with different compiler versions, this doesn't cause any issues.

thanks for the response!

i deployed the proxy using uups pattern via hardhat with 0.8.17 compiler version. the implementation is compiled with 0.8.17, but the proxy is compiled with 0.8.9 version (image below)

is it because of the recent upgrades plugin?

The proxy code comes pre-compiled in the plugin, so your local Hardhat settings don't affect it.

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well noted! thanks frangio