Can you use two different OpenZeppelin package versions in one Hardhat repo?

My team currently uses the v4.5 upgradeable contracts package and has been for almost a year.

We're looking to release our next set of tokens using ERC721A, which conflicts on a _isConstructor() private method sharing a name, which does not exist in the OpenZeppelin repo as of v4.6.

The easy fix is to just upgrade our npm package, as this is a new set of contracts. However, we have other products we will continue developing on that rely on v4.5 in this repo, and we're worried about breaking them if we do a repo-wide upgrade.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to specify the version in the imports, so we can have both v4.5 and v4.6/v4.7 packages installed locally, and in the Solidity file specify the import version?
  2. If we can't do that, can we just upgrade to v4.6 and know our old contracts on v4.5 will be equivalent? I assume not, but the fact that its a "minor" version rather than a "major" version change could mean the memory layout is identical, even if the code changed internally?

Thank you

Hi @Carson_Roscoe, please make sure to post in #support:contracts next time for a faster response. (I've moved this post now.)

Yes, you can do this with npm. From npm docs:

npm install <alias>@npm:<name>:

Install a package under a custom alias. Allows multiple versions of a same-name package side-by-side, more convenient import names for packages with otherwise long ones, and using git forks replacements or forked npm packages as replacements. Aliasing works only on your project and does not rename packages in transitive dependencies. Aliases should follow the naming conventions stated in validate-npm-package-name.


npm install my-react@npm:react
npm install jquery2@npm:jquery@2
npm install jquery3@npm:jquery@3
npm install npa@npm:npm-package-arg

So you can do npm install openzeppelin-contracts-4.5@npm:@openzeppelin/contracts@^4.5.0.

I don't really understand the source of this error you mention though. How are you trying to combine ERC721A with OpenZeppelin Contracts?

As a side note we would love to know the reasons that attracted you to ERC721A.

Installing different versions of the same npm package using aliases works fine. But importing a contract from an alias path does not work (at least with hardhat). Is there any extra step I need to take to set up my environment properly, like remapping?

I'm getting the following error trying to import from my custom alias package name:
Error HH404: File @openzeppelin-latest/contracts/proxy/UpgradeableProxy.sol

No extra steps should be necessary. Is it possible your import statement is using a different name than what you installed it as?

@openzeppelin-latest/contracts looks odd.

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I have the @^3.3.0 and @^4.8.2 versions of @openzeppelin contracts in my code for testing purposes. I installed @^4.8.2 with the following command:
npm i @openzeppelin-latest/contracts@npm:@openzeppelin/contracts

The problem was that this file contracts/proxy/UpgradeableProxy.sol does not exist in the latest version.

@openzeppelin-latest/contracts looks odd.

I agree; it looks odd, but it's only used for testing with different versions.

Hey @BonisTech,

The UpgradeableProxy was renamed to ERC1967Proxy in this Pull Request., and also breaking changes are expected across major versions. In this case, you're using both versions 3 and 4.

My feeling is that you're running some sort of cross-version testing, but I'm not sure why would that be needed.

Unless you have a very special use case, I don't think this cross major versions testing is needed.
Feel free to open another topic if your use case falls out of this thread.

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