Can not verify upgradeable contract address erc721

I have previously verified upgradeable contracts successfully using
solc-input.json (39.3 KB)
and link implementation address. I have a upgradeable contract address 0xbe2520d751466dba14fd2a38911df5db90231763 that I couldn't upgrade in snowtrace.

I tried similar contract address in testnest.snowtrace it verified as normal contract scessfully though contract has upgradeables.
What I did was first try to verify proxy address using solc-input.json. it gives following error .

When I tried to verifiy is as a normal contract it gives follwing error

I used single file method with flatten contract:

  • Compiler Version: v0.8.7+commit.e28d00a7
  • Optimization Enabled: True
  • Runs: 200

I followed the tutorial but nothing works. Any help will be appreciated.