Can I use hook in a ERC777 to mint and send its own token when receiving other ERC20/77?


I was wondering if exists, in the wonderful openzeppelin open-source world, an implementation that facilitates such a process. The idea would be that a given ERC777 contract mint automatically its won token as it receives other ERC20 or ERC777 tokens that are listed the Owner. Let´s call my ERC777 token myToken (MT).

Let´s imagine that I want to mint coins of 'myToken' as it receives BTC ERC20. So, for each one BTC received it would automatically send one MT to the same to the Etherium address that sent the BTC. Here I am assuming that MT has a IERC1820Registry.

Unfortunately we don't have a contract like this. The closest thing is ERC20Wrapper but it's for ERC20.