Can I use ERC-20 Snapshot to create a smart contract that can issue dividends?

Let's say I have a pre-existing BEP-20 token live on the mainnet.

I need to develop a smart contract that can get the balances of the tokens users have staked in a staking pool, and issue a dividend bi-weekly based on what percentage of the total staked tokens they themselves have staked. Can I do this with the ERC-20 snapshot extension?

Maybe no, cause your token has been deployed, but if your token is upgradable, this is possible, and then just like you said, use ERC20Snapshot contract, then override function _snapshot to expose it to use.

You can also do this with an off-line way, that is check the balance of all users manually.

What if I created a smart contract that inherited from ERC-20 Snapshot....Then I could create an interface with the pre-existing contract, and use the ERC-20 snapshot functions while passing them info from the pre-existing contract?

Please help ;_; First day in my new job, already getting my butt kicked