Call upgradeable contract methods through Etherscan

Call upgradeable contract methods through etherscan (for example)

:computer: Environment
Hardhat (I believe - the default one included with the OZ CLI)

Is there any way to interact generically from a web ui such as etherscan with an upgradeable contract such that the generic UI deduces the callable methods and attributes for you on the proxied to contract? This would be especially handy for manual testing scenarios and trying things out with metamask for instance.

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Hi @porkchop,

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Etherscan supports interacting via a proxy contract:

You will need both the proxy and implementation contract verified to use this.

To verify an implementation contract, we can use: Verify smart contract inheriting from OpenZeppelin Contracts.

What network are you deploying to? We can verify the proxy contract.

Hi @porkchop,

Were you able to verify and interact via Etherscan?

Alternatively you could also try services such as or using the ABI of your implementation contract and the address of the proxy.

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