Building a Dapp with Zepkit (Live coding workshop) @ Tokyo, Japan - May 20h & May 22th

We’re bringing ZeppelinOS and ZepKit with us to Tokyo! This is your opportunity to join us to learn about upgradeable smart contracts, transparent proxies and our newest offering: ZepKit, an all-in-one development tool that comes bundled with ZeppelinOS, OpenZeppelin, Infura for easy deployments, Truffle for compiling and testing, and a ready-to-go React app with Rimble components.

Come to learn hands-on about how upgradability and ZepKit work. Bring your laptop and enthusiasm as we’ll be doing live coding with ZepKit after a short presentation about the technology.

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Neutrino Event (May 20th):

Hashub Event (May 22nd): Link will be posted soon