Bug totalSupply production and no testnet

Hi guys, i’m calling on you because i’m at the end aha, after losing $ 600 practically, i decided to post here,

I hope you can help me!

I explain the situation to you, I wanted to improve a contract, I started to code it on remix, I use the testnet to do my tests and everything works fine

but at the moment on bscScan, I encounter a bug that I do not understand and which does not occur on testNet

impossible to see my totalSupply, I provide you with the links and the contract in question

testnet.bscscan com /token/0x90987cB1C2aF7E805C9c3eCe1418Fed38a0727d2
(sorry max 2link for me )

What do you think ?


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I helped @Julien_Rousset on Discord.

The problem was that it wasn’t verified and after verifying the problems were resolved.