BSCSCAN cannot verify the contract

I forked the following contract:

The fork is this:

The error that appears is this:

However, I don't know how many times I've forked that contract and I'm trying to verify.

The code is 100% the same as implemented in REMIX (exactly the same, I have already created others and it is still not being verified in BSCSCAN). That is, I implement the contract and simply copy exactly what is in the REMIX, but the BSCSCAN does not check correctly.

The only actual code change is the PancakeSwap Testnet route address.

Specifications used are exactly the same as the original.

- Code fork 100% the same as the original
- Compiler Version: v0.8.4+commit.c7e474f2
- Optimization Enabled: True
- Runs: 200

How to resolve this situation?

Please search the forum and you will find our guide on verification, which includes a section for the exact problem that you're seeing.