Boilerplate networks.js for ethers.js?

Would be cool to have a boilerplate networks.js example file that shows you how to best set it up with ethers.js provider and signer (wallet) syntax.
I want to move as far away from truffle as possible, everywhere I can.

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Hi @gitpusha,

I have only used @truffle/hdwallet-provider with OpenZeppelin SDK.

I haven’t looked for an alternative. Hopefully someone in the community can advise.

Hi @gitpusha,

You can use @truffle/hdwallet-provider without having any other truffle dependency.

Also Truffle and OpenZeppelin SDK are both built on web3.js.
If you want to move away from truffle, you can still use web3.js.

Hi @abcoathup,

I think I even want to move further away from web3.js than from truffle :grin:

I am gonna go with the @truffle/hdwallet-provider in my oz networks.js file for now, and try it out with ethers.js when time allows. Will post a solution when I have found one.


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